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Supershear tallimaster shearing plant Price: 700.0 Location: Willaura, South West, VIC For sale supershear tallimaster shearing plant with down tube. Two For sale supershear tallimaster shearing plant with down tube.

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Shearing Supplies NSW are your friendly name when it comes to dealing with professionals. We have an extensive range of shearing gear including clothing, combs, cutters, hand pieces and larger equipment such as wool presses and wool tables, along with tools and spare parts, which we can deliver to you whether you live in Australia or Overseas.

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Pendulum for both combs & cutters. Quick change between setting for both combs & cutters. Precision pressure bar prevents excessive heel or tip grinding.

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They fit all standard Lister, Supershear, Heiniger or Horner handpieces and most handheld sheep shearers. Horner Shearing. Run-in for faster shearing. Rampage through the flock with the Lister Rampage run-in cutter.

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Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd has acquired the Supershear brand and assets with the backing of Wahl Clipper Corporation. Supershear ceased trading earlier this year due to economic factors and changes at its parent company, Tru-Test Group.

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Supershear Viper Handpiece. Handpiece comes complete with a compatible ferrule and screwdriver. (Blades not included) Features include: Slimline handle. Fused with new back joint guarded to help prevent uncomfortable rubbing. Improved back joint seal to provide a tight barrier against dust and dirt.

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Information. Title of the website for is Acto Agriculture | Supershear Shearing And Clipping Equipment in NZ. Beside site title it's has description Acto Agriculture products are available through all leading farm merchandise stores, vets and equestrian outlets in NZ.

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At Acto Agriculture, you can find a wide range of quality sheep shearing supplies, horse grooming equipment, poultry & pig supplies, and many more agricultural veterinary supplies. Guaranteed top quality animal supplies with super fast dispatch with tracking. Shop online now!

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Nov 02, 2015· AWI Experting - Supershear Handpiece Australian Wool Innovation Ltd. ... 2017 World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships 3,092 views. ... Equipment - Setting Up the Handpiece - Duration: ...

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australian shearing supplies We deliver shearing supplies to Australia and beyond With a complete range of shearing machine spares and an efficient mail order system, that hard to get part is only a mouse click or phone call away.

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A general purpose, full-thickness cutter, the Supershear AAA cutter has a wide throw for long life. This cutter can be used with the LS201, DF642 and Fusion handpieces.

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Welcome to highway shearing the UK's leading experts and suppliers of shearing equiptment. Official stockists of Heiniger and Lister. Call now: 01768 899659

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The Laser 2 is a durable electric / vehicle battery operated shearing handpiece which can be purchased with an optional clipping head. It has an extremely powerful 180W single-speed motor to cope with the most challenging...

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Alun Williams, the Managing Director of Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd said: "Originally known as Chicago Flexible Drives, Cooper-Stewart, then Sunbeam, the Supershear brand name has enjoyed a loyal following for many years and has managed to achieve an iconic status within the wool and shearing industries around the world.

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Shearing Supplies NSW [Shop Online] Experts in the supply and maintenance of new and reconditioned shearing equipment and parts.

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The Supergrind pendulum is designed to take the guesswork out of comb and cutter sharpening to ensure a sharp cutting edge every grind. For both combs and cutters - the Supergrind Pendulum has precision settings for both combs and cutters clearly marked for instant identification. Quick change - a simple 180 degree t

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Phone: (03) 5448 8751 Email: [email protected] Address: 583 Midland Hwy, Huntly VIC 3551

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All Supershear equipment is made from the highest quality steel to ensure longer life, and is manufactured in the UK, to the exacting standards that our competitive shearers expect, delivering a competition level shearing experience to shearers of all abilities.

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The Supershear Viper is a triple-bearing handpiece with a slimline handle. Perfectly weighted for professional and competitive shearing, it provides a smooth cut in all conditions.

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Shearing Equipment . Beiyuan 3C Trident Handpiece. Beiyuan Trident Handpiece Pro 4C. Heiniger® Abrasive Shearing Discs. Heiniger® Accutec Shearing Grinder. Heiniger Cyclone Icon Handpiece. Heiniger Evo downtube. Heiniger® Evo Shearing Plant. Heiniger® One Dagging Plant.

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Suppliers of sheep shearing machines and equipment. We manufacture our own products as well as offering the full range of Heiniger, Lister and Supershear goods.

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Supershear Arrow, AAA, Quatro. Handpieces. Lister ... Broken Equipment? Not a problem. We carry a full line of replacement parts for your handpiece, drops, and shearing plants. Repair Service. Handpiece Rebuild Breath new life into that broken or worn out handpiece. Send in your handpiece and we'll repair it …

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Supershear combs, Sunbeam, Fine wool combs, merino combs, Left hand combs, Supershear wide combs,,made in Australia.

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Welcome to the new age of Supershear shearing equipment - The TalliMaster Shearing Machine Supershear, who have designed and manufactured shearing equipment for over 100 years, have now delivered the next age in shearing machine. The TalliMaster combines new age technology and superior engineering, delivering a shearing machine that ...

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A sharp cutting edge on your shearing blades is vital if you are to leave your animals smooth skinned and stress free after shearing. A blunt comb and cutter can rip the fleece instead of cutting from the animal causing pain and discomfort during the shearing job. The main brand types of shearing grinders are Heiniger, Lister, Supershear (Sunbeam) and Beiyuan.

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Lister saves Supershear brand with acquisition move. With the backing of Wahl Clipper Corporation, Lister Shearing Equipment Ltd has announced that it has acquired the Supershear brand and assets.Supershear ceased trading earlier this year due to challenging economic factors and a strategic change in direction from its parent company, Tru-Test ...

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Discover a range of high quality sheep shearing equipment in NZ and other sheep shearing tools at Acto Agriculture. You'll find shearing machines, shearing combs or shearing gears, among others. Shop online today!

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Sheep Shearing Equipment Engineers and Specialist Suppliers. Stocking Heiniger, Listser, Supershear, and manufacture our own products. Shipping internationally.

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An ultra-fine cutter with straight gullets, the Bullet has been manufactured to the same exacting specification as the Arrow. The Bullet requires less tension, providing a …

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Supershear Mustang Comb. 94mm width, 3mm short bevel comb. A crossbred comb to suit all shearers, but especially professionals. Ideal for hogget and lamb shearing. VAT to be added to price at checkout

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At Supershear in Mesa, AZ, we take pride in providing the best catalytic removal tools for more than 20 years. Powerful, simple, and easy to use, the various Supershear tools are designed to make harvesting catalytic converters profitable. For more information, contact our team today.

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They fit all standard Lister, Supershear, Heiniger or Horner handpieces and most handheld sheep shearers. Horner Shearing. Made for longer life, the crossbreed Challenger comb gives you the edge when shearing open wool sheep.